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Xiamen Kaopu Cloud Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaopu Cloud, formerly known as Aiya Network) was established in 2002, is the leading one-stop hybrid cloud service provider, headquartered in Xiamen, Fujian province, currently has more than 200 employees.

Kaopu Cloud has the national certification of high-tech enterprise, Xiamen’s Key Software and IT Service Enterprise, Xiamen’s key listed reserve enterprises, Leading enterprises of science and technology giants in Fujian and Xiamen, 2015-2017 Fujian Province Information and Communication Industry Integrity Enterprise.

As one of the few comprehensive cloud service providers in China with cross-regional IDC/ISP/CDN/Cloud business licenses, Kaopu Cloud focuses on technological innovation and has 71 software copyright certificates and CNNIC address allocation alliance member certificates. In 2018, Kaopu Cloud passed the international authoritative evaluation and certification CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Integration Model) Level 3 Certification. In 2009, Kaopu Cloud obtained the certificate of ITSS cloud computing service capability (public cloud IAAS service) level 3 and ITSS cloud computing service capability (private cloud IAAS service) level 3, becoming the first enterprise in the province to obtain the certificate of public cloud and private cloud ITSS cloud computing service capability level 3 simultaneously.

Based on the field of Cloud computing, Kaopu Cloud independently develop and provide computing, storage, network, security and other essential basic IT architecture resource services. It has a deep understanding of the Internet, mobile Internet and various application scenarios deployed by enterprises and institutions. With more than 10 years of deep practical experience in Cloud data center and hybrid Cloud computing services, Kaopu Cloud provides comprehensive, detailed and safe solutions in a one-stop way. Relying on the Kaopu Cloud Management Platform (KCMP) with independent intellectual property rights, it provides simple and reliable hybrid Cloud computing services and one-stop deep Cloud operation management services for customers.

Kaopu Cloud advocates the concept of "technology drive products, operation drive services" and has been committed to becoming a field expert of hybrid cloud services for a long time.So as to provide in-depth services to users and continuously launch products and services suitable for customers.

At present, Kaopu Cloud has provided comprehensive, meticulous and secure solutions with hybrid cloud services for well-known enterprises in the high-speed growing fields such as games, e-commerce, finance, pan-entertainment, enterprise IT deployment services with customers throughout many well-known listed enterprises.